Daytona 50 Lámina no reflectiva


Daytona 50 Lámina no reflectiva

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Daytona 05 Lámina no reflectiva


Non Reflective (Tinted) Window Films are neutral in appearance and offer good performance for solar heat, UV and glare reduction. They can be installed to give building facades a neutral traditional appearance.

Dyed Film (Non-Metalized Film)
Scratch Resistance Coating
Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
99% Ultra Violet Rejection
Excellent Optical Qualities
Lifetime Warranty.

20″ (inches) : This size is normally fits the doors of a sedan.
24″ (inches) : This size is normal for big trucks as the window size is little more than 21″
36″ (inches) : This size is normally fits rear windshield of a sedan. (90% of the cars)
40″ (inches) : This size is fits rear windshield of any sedan.

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