Security films & shatter proof films

Protective film for window glass and glass facades

Shatter protection films and safety films were developed to hold glass fragments together when panes break. It is important to install the safety film with edge bonding. This means that the safety film and the frame, including the rubber seal, must be firmly bonded in order to withstand shocks and stresses from external influences.

Armolan security films can be used not only in the private but also in the commercial sector. Kindergartens or shops with shop fronts are very popular applications. Our safety and shatter protection films are certified in accordance with DIN EN 356 and DIN EN 12600 and have been developed for indoor installation. Our 4mil anti-graffiti film is an exception here. This film offers you the option of external application and protects your building against vandalism.

Protection against accidents

An accident, if it happens, is usually bad enough. By applying protective film - in this case shatter protection film - you also protect yourself and your loved ones from injuries caused by flying glass splinters in the event of glass breakage. Protective film also prevents glass splinters from spreading throughout the vehicle interior and protects surfaces and sensitive plastic displays from scratches and damage. The films, which are equipped with a powerful adhesive, protect windows in the event of breakage by holding the glass splinters together in the frame. Protection against injuries in the event of accidents with broken glass due to glass splinters

Removing glass splinters from broken glass panes that were not fitted with a protective film is not a pleasant task and can even cause serious injuries. By installing a self-adhesive safety film or shatter protection film, you can protect your health and that of your family from injury!

In the event of glass breakage, the self-adhesive protective film protects you from flying glass splinters or falling pieces of glass. Retrofitting is possible for almost all glass panes. Our safety film certified to DIN EN 356 or DIN EN 12600 offers you a high level of protection against possible injuries. Anti-splinter films help to hold the glass splinters together in the frame in the event of breakage and thus protect against dangerous injuries and damage that can also be caused by falling pieces of glass on the floor or furniture.

Security film as burglary protection

Breaking a window is the easiest and quickest way for a burglar to break into a home or business premises. In contrast to special grating or netting devices, or even security glass, self-adhesive anti-burglary film and anti-splinter film are available for simple, quick and comparatively inexpensive retrofitting to almost all glass panes.

Just like anti-shatter film, anti-burglary film is transparent and therefore completely invisible. As it is 100% translucent, the film offers you a perfect view. If necessary, the film can also be removed from the glass surface at any time without leaving any residue.

This makes our protective films an inexpensive and effective solution as invisible burglary protection that prevents rapid intrusion in the event of an attempted break-in or as shatter protection film to protect your health or furniture.

In order to retrofit a security film, the pane does not have to be removed, but the window film can be applied directly to the installed pane, saving time and money. Immediately after the window film has been installed and once it has completely dried out, shatter-binding and burglar-resistant security films provide effective protection against attacks by burglars or prevent accidental glass breakage in the event of carelessness in the home.

Privacy films & frosted glass films

Due to modern architecture and the desire of many homeowners for a bright and light-flooded living space, the trend in buildings is towards larger glass surfaces and window areas. Reliable privacy protection (e.g. privacy films) against unwanted views through windows into the interior or room dividers made of glass panes within buildings are in high demand.

Entertainment facilities, shops, cafés and restaurants, nurseries, offices and private homes, as well as public buildings and hospitals: in all these rooms, great individual effects can be achieved on your windows with the help of a privacy film or frosted glass film. Let your imagination run wild. Thanks to our beautiful frosted glass films, which are easy to use, interiors can be customised as desired and designed with different films.

Optimal solution for your privacy

In office buildings, matt white frosted glass films are most commonly used to divide the space into localised quiet and work zones or to conceal storage areas inconspicuously. These privacy films protect office workers from unwanted glances and at the same time help to create a pleasant atmosphere that promotes efficient work by your employees or shields customers from prying eyes. Alternatively, we also offer films that contain a few transparent strips, for example. This can make your rooms appear lighter and more dynamic. Shatter protection should also not be neglected here, as the often room-high panes also harbour a high risk of injury from glass splinters in the event of glass breakage.

How do I clean a protective film?

Like all window films, protective films can be easily cleaned with a commercially available glass cleaner. However, it is also important not to use any cleaning agents such as scouring milk or other sharp or pointed objects to avoid scratching the surface.

Armolan privacy film and frosted glass film is the perfect and cost-effective solution for your privacy - whether in a private, business or public environment. Our privacy films and frosted glass films are available in numerous decorative options and colour variations for interior design.